It has been a year since we published our first blog post Top 6 Reasons to take look at Transcendent®. Looking back, I have to chuckle at the content and how it was written. Fortunately, the writing got better, the SEO optimization improved dramatically and the subject content was expanded to be whatever my imagination could inspire. It was our collective goal to become a valuable resource for information in the field of asset and maintenance management.

What EAM and CMMS Subjects Have Been Touched

Since that first post, we have published approximately 160 blog articles and had 4 guest bloggers contribute to our library. We are proud to say that the vast majority of our articles have been industry or current event related with only 1-2 that might have mentioned our products name. We feel it is important to provide the facilities management of various industries with content that can be related to the impact an EAM or CMMS can have on Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO).

Top Ten EAM or CMMS Post Breakdown

The range of material includes but is not limited to:

  1. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Articles where an EAM can help the type of situation. (15)
  2. Hotel, Resorts and Lodges: (14)
  3. Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS): Articles on subjects where a CMMS can have an impact. (12)
  4. Current Events, Humor, Holiday, Satire (non-industry specific) (12)
  5. Maintenance management: General maintenance management (10)
  6. Property Management: From corporate to community associations (8)
  7. Utilities: Water, wastewater, electric, gas, nuclear, power (7)
  8. Mobile Technology: The use of handheld devices and other technologies to increase adoption rates and efficiencies. (5)
  9. Asset Management: Managing the entire lifecycle of an asset from planning to retirement. (5)
  10. Government facilities management: Prisons, municipalities (4)

Other fields that have been written about include, manufacturing, amusement parks, sports arenas, schools, religious institutions, hospitals, yachts. Additional subjects include knowledge transfer, capital budgeting, energy efficiency and asset lifecycle management. Obviously, there is some overlap between articles, fields of study and current events.

In addition, our Blog is set up so that you can browse article by keywords such as facilities management, preventive maintenance, inspections or capital analysis.

But enough about us, for the coming year we would like to know more about the types of stories/post you want to read. Tell us the industries, events, technology that you would like to know more about.