An accident that occurred over three years ago was settled yesterday regarding a woman who fell in a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot and received over $500,000 for her case.

Maria Marsala settled for $522,000 after she fell in a New Jersey Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot and spilled coffee on her face and neck. Maria fell when she was walking back to her car after she bought multiple coffees inside the Highland Park, N.J. business in January 2012, according to the lawsuit filled in county court.

According to the reports, Marsala said she tripped over an exposed spike from a dislodged curb stop, causing her to spill the coffee. She also had cuts to her right hand and right knee.

Rebenack, Marsala’s attorney, made the statement that basic property maintenance would have saved Ms. Marsala from years of debilitating injuries.

Why Standard Maintenance is Essential

Ms. Marsala isn’t the only one who is subjected to injuries due to improper property maintenance. A simple accident could have been avoided had a preventive maintenance plan been in place.

Preventive maintenance has a number of powerful advantages that make it worth utilizing. Companies are beginning to realize the importance of taking care of their equipment but also having a daily plan in place to keep your infrastructure intact.

Below are five advantages for preventive maintenance:

  1. Extends the useful life cycle of assets decreasing the need for capital replacements
  2. Enhances the efficiency of equipment keeping them running more efficiently and lowering power expenses
  3. Enhances the performance of assets by increasing up time
  4. Enhances customer service because maintenance teams have less unplanned maintenance and can respond quicker to new problems
  5. Contributes positively to the reputation of companies

How to get the most from Preventive Maintenance

Companies interested in implementing preventive maintenance strategies should start gradually. The switch from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance does not usually occur overnight, but with time and training it can occur after a moderate period of time.

The main key is to use appropriate software and to spend adequate amounts of time training staff. The software is important because preventive maintenance is not really realistic on a large scale without appropriate software tools.

Implementing a proper EAM/CMMS into your business can decrease the risk of accidents happening by training your staff to do the daily checklists remotely and documenting any imperfections to your infrastructure. It only takes a small mishap to cause a big accident, and in this case it caused a $522,000 accident to happen.