We hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July celebrating our great nation with family and friends and with BBQ’s, playing sports, seeing fireworks or going to the beach. All of these events are part of the fourth traditions, but accidents can happen so being prepared is never a bad thing.

We send you off on this weekend with a few preventive maintenance tips for your personal and family safety.

BBQ and Beach Preventive Maintenance

The simple safety measures can sometimes be the most overlooked. Here are a few tips for the weekend ahead.

Shlashlick laying on the grill with a group of friends in the background eating and drinking in the late sunny afternoon
  1. Coolers and travel cases: Clean coolers before and after use to avoid bacteria. Vinegar is one of the best solutions to use to fight against insects and bacteria growth because its acid base acts as a sterilizer.
  2. Grills: Clean grill racks with a metal brush and then wipe down the bars with a damp cloth. Make sure to clean grill racks after use to avoid the onset of corrosion.
  3. Beach preparation: Make sure to protect yourself and children with sunblock, hats, shoes for cement and even sand during the afternoon. Make sure to wear water shoes as well just in case you step on something undesirable in the ocean.

Fireworks Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

Many parts of the country allow individuals to purchase fireworks or families can go to public events that showcase their own fireworks display; injuries can occur in both settings, so proper safety measures must be taken into consideration.

Beautiful fireworks on the black sky background
  1. Clean roofs of debris so that sparks or an errant explosions do not ignite the surface.
  2. Keep a hose attached to outdoor faucets and ready to go. Dry grass can catch fire very quickly.
  3. Keep fireworks dry and inspect all fuses before lighting. Explosives with short fuses should not be used.
  4. Soak all used fireworks in water before placing in trash containers.
  5. If attending a public event, come prepared with ear plugs for sensitivity and check surroundings for sporadic sparks.

Last but not least use caution in all elements of fun this weekend with your family and friends. Enjoy and have a safe 4th of July!