I don’t normally write our articles here on the blog, but I was watching Undercover Boss last night. The premise of the show is simple a C-level executive goes undercover and performs multiple jobs in his company to see how everything is going.

I watch the show thinking its normally just a commercial for the businesses that participate, but last week a Hooter’s employee behaved irresponsibly (and should have been fired). This week they followed Joe DePinto from 7-Eleven.

Here’s a short preview of the episode:

oe was in one store that had non-functional lights on the sales floor. His maintenance crew said that was a priority level 5 (monthly only). Joe stepped outside and called the COO to have it fixed. It’s too bad every 7-Eleven employee can’t do the same thing. Yet, that wasn’t what bothered me the most.

What bothered me the most… when they wanted to log a maintenance call. They literally called a maintenance support line and discussed the ticket with someone who logged it. Most employees of 7-Eleven are technically savvy. I’m sure many of them even have smart-phones. Why don’t they use a simple web-based work request system?

Seriously… a phone call to a corporate maintenance line?

Today I am issuing a blanket challenge to companies as large as 7-Eleven. Understand that the research shows that companies who can take care of their facilities perform better. Utilize a modern CMMS system – perhaps something web-based with mobility that would allow you organize and effectively manage work orders, requests, and inspections. Individual stores should have email notifications of work requests. They should have the ability to log-in and see how many open work requests they have. Minimizing labor costs by stating something is part of a monthly schedule may be valid, but can corporate even track what is scheduled at 7-Eleven?

With more than 5,900 stores… there are savings to be had, but an improvement in overall store quality should also be a target. 7-Eleven Management if you want to manage your facilities better. Give us a call.

Watch this episode of Undercover Boss.