A high level of development and training in the workplace is one investment that many hotels are not sure is worth the risk. Investing in hotel staff (whether that be through adequate training or providing good working conditions) has always been a thorny issue, because it can be a fairly costly affair.

Hotel management has to strike a delicate balance between allocating funds for staff development and keeping the profit margins in check. This doesn’t have to be a problem though, as pulling resources to make better employees may actually increase profits.

Benefits of Investing in Hotel Staff

The question is: Why bother sinking resources into improving the quality of the help? Simply put, improving the conditions in which your employees are expected to perform their tasks will prove to be worth the investment as the quality of staff performance will improve greatly, giving better hotel service and therefore more satisfied customers.

Investing in training or working conditions has other benefits also. these include:

  1. Improved Staff Morale:When the employees are well taken care of, their morale is boosted and they are likely to work more effectively. A motivated team will give the management an easy time, because they will carry out their respective tasks effectively and in a timely manner.A unmotivated team on the other hand, will be a headache to manage and will need to be followed up on every single task. This is a time consuming and costly effect of poor staff investment. Worst of all, these traits are easily noticed by clients when they encounter unresponsive waiters or poor hotel maintenance.
  2. Improves Hotel Staff Competence: It is advisable for employees to have some basic training after they have been hired by a hotel. However, hotel management should go the extra mile and offer specialized training according to the various departments.This means that the staff will be able to carry out their duties in a more efficient and competent manner, much to the satisfaction of customers. The excellent services will keep customers coming back, and the profit margins will go up.
  3. Improves Customer Satisfaction:The goal of every business is to satisfy the consumers, and hotels are no exception. Even if hotel management uses all sorts of social media to advertise, nothing spreads news faster than word of mouth.A customer that has been served with a delicious meal by courteous waiters will no doubt tell family and friends about the delightful experience, which will in turn flock the hotel to sample for themselves. At the end of the day customer satisfaction ushers in booming business.
  4. Enhances Creativity:Any management which invests in training and developing the staff may discover that some employees have various gifts and talents which can be used in further improvement of the hotel. With this tactic, it’s possible that some services the hotel outsources for can be carried out by the current employees, saving a lot of money.Training is especially important with advanced software such as a CMMS. The more training received the more confident hotel maintenance staff will be to tweak the system to enhance CMMS effectiveness as well as increase adoption rates.
  5. Improves Productivity:Some hotels have more employees than they need because their skills are limited. If a select group of these employees are taken through specialized training, then it is possible to streamline the workforce, increase productivity and retain only those required to do the job.Continued training and education of employees will ensure that they are well versed with up to date service concepts, technology and machinery which will allow them to automate activities in the workplace, further enhancing efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

Investing in your staff by offering top notch training, comfortable working conditions, and incentives for excellent service may seem prohibitive and costly at the initial stages, but in the long run you will be smiling all the way to the bank. The investment you make today will pay off with eager and expert employees.