Have you ever wondered why property managers, condominium and homeowner associations (HOAs) are being targeted by software vendors of EAM or CMMS packages? The answer is that these groups have a multitude of maintenance tasks that need to be done daily, monthly, quarterly or annually and an EAM/CMMS is ideally suited to help manage this. The rise of technology has made manual maintenance management obsolete and the least cost-effective way to conduct business. Unfortunately, many associations and property managers are resistant to change or realize how easy it can be to cut operating expenses by double digits. The good news is advances in technology such as having the software run off-site as well as the use of handheld devices are finding greater appeal and costs savings.

Are You Missing The EAM Boat?

The main purpose of an EAM/CMMS is automate and organize the manual process of work request, asset inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. The more advanced Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems also help project capital expenditures as well as manage assets that were probably identified in your Reserve Study or otherwise designated as critical or of high value. Many condo associations/HOAs do not realizing how easy it is to set up and use a CMMS system. This is especially true with a web-based maintenance management program.

The EAM Web-based Solution

A web-based EAM simply means that the software that is helping you manage your maintenance function is actually on a server located off site. Access to the software and your properties data is available over the internet either via a PC or handheld mobile device. This has many advantages over traditional CMMS software that resided in the main office. The following is a list of easy to understand reasons to implement a web-based EAM/CMMS:

  1. No additional hardware server setup costs. The software is hosted servers owned by the vendor or a major contracted data center.
  2. Access is 24/7/365. You can access your database anytime from anywhere in the world. Data centers hosting EAM systemshave far better security, backup plans and greater uptime than an in-house system.
  3. Reduce unplanned repair and labor costs. Take back control or property management maintenance and become more proactive. This will reduce unplanned maintenance as well reduce overtime needed to perform repairs.
  4. Reduce paper flow going green at the same time. All work orders, inspections and maintenance tasks can be scheduled and reported using handheld mobile devices. You can all but eliminate inefficient paper based procedures.
  5. Capital Budgeting is easier. An EAM will track the complete history of all assets including but not limited to all maintenance, results, frequency and so on. This information will help determine a more accurate replacement date of the asset (such as roofs, HVAC units, pools etc.). This information is critical for Reserve Studies for condo associations and HOAs

The days of using paper and pencil to record property issues, complete a work request are gone. The days of having a server or pc in the main office to handle maintenance software is soon going to be obsolete as well. A web-based EAM/CMMS is not the future it is now. Share with us how you bringing the maintenance management function of your association into the modern era.

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