This is our 100th post!!!

Come read one of the best blogs about EAM & CMMS on the web (if don’t believe us jump to our references section). Since this is a large post, we have broken it into 3 sections.  Feel free to jump to the section that you want to read.

Transcendent EAM and CMMS Overview

We normally stay fairly non-commercial with our content. This is in our best effort to provide you with high quality EAM & CMMS articles. The first section of this long blog post is our first real commercial introduction into some of the features and screenshots from our system If you are not interested in Transcendent skip ahead to EAM and CMMS Blog References or 100 EAM and CMMS Blog Posts.EAM & CMMS – Introduction to Transcendent
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EAM and CMMS Blog References

Recognition for EAM and CMMS Blogs

We have had the great fortune to make many important contacts through our writings. We have also had some very nice reviews, including being listed in 20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch in 2010 by Steven Hanks, as well as some of these comments below:

From Terrence O’ Hanlon, CMRP – Publisher – and Uptime® Magazine

“If you are involved with your organization’s Enterprise Asset Management system or plant maintenance in general, the Mintek EAM 101 Blog is a great resource. We started following Stuart’s posts a few months back via RSS. We liked the unique perspective and valuable information so much, we invited them to add their blog to the Association for Maintenance Professionals web site at”

“Start following this blog today!” –
Uptime® Magazine –

From Gabriel Gheorghiu – Enterprise Software Research Analyst and Consultant – Technology Evaluation Centers

“Contrary to popular belief, analysts do not know everything – we also use sources of information and the Mintek blog is a very reliable one for EAM/CMMS. And they plant a tree for each comment you leave on their posts.”

Technology Evaluation Centers –
TEC Blog –

From Lorne McDonald – Managing Consultant for Createch Group – Asset Management Solutions

“I look forward to reading EAM 101 as I find it insightful while at the same time straight to the point. More often than not, most authors/contributors feel it necessary to bombard readers with volumes of text in which the message gets lost. This cannot be said with Stuart’s commentaries as he delivers a well-informed message as advertised in “101” curriculum. Please keep up this good work.”


The Createchgroup –

From Steve Hanks – CEO –

“I have had the opportunity to work with the guys from Mintek on many occasions, and have really enjoyed their professionalism and knowledge about the EAM industry This is a welcome change to some of the other EAM blogs! I hope you’ll continue to post insightful articles for all professionals out there. Keep up the good work!”

“Yours Sincerely”

IWMSNews –

From Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM – Founder – Manager Labs

“Mintek has done an outstanding job of bringing timely, fresh and educational content to their blog, while at the same time, telling the world about their passion and determination to make their Enterprise Asset Management system the leader in this competitive field.”

Manager Labs –

From David Berger, MBA, CMC – Contributing Editor – Plant Services

“It’s good stuff – informative and though-provoking. Keep up the good work.”

Plant Services –

100 EAM and CMMS Blog Posts

Party for 100th EAM and CMMS Blog Post

As I mentioned before, we’ve reached 100 blog posts on Enterprise Asset Management 101. We’re extremely excited here at Mintek about our content generation. In honor of this occasion – I created a special list of our first 100 posts. Any page you have read previously will have a green checkmark on it.

Please let us know which posts you liked the most/least as we prepare for our next 100. If you have any suggestions for new topics let us know.

Special thanks to Matthew James Taylor for the demo of this checklist.