Maintenance may not be the most glamorous thing when it comes to hotels, but it is definitely one of the most important. Maybe this Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to re-examine your hotel maintenance plan to see if it is keeping up with customer satisfaction and keeping your profits high.

Without a proper maintenance plan, facilities could be operating at a higher cost level than necessary because assets are not being worked on or checked enough by staff to make the proper adjustments.

Maintenance is the glue binding together every asset intensive organization, and without it your organization is destined to failure.

How is your current maintenance plan working?

Questions to ask yourself as a facility owner:

  1. Do you have a current plan in place?
  2. How many hours are you checking your assets?
  3. Which assets need repairs?
  4. Which assets have you replaced within the last year? Within the last five years?

Maybe you never thought of asking these questions because you have a new facility or maybe your money has been spent elsewhere.

Unfortunately, unlike unconditional love, there is no love potion that can bring dilapidated machines or facilities back to life because once they stop working they need repaired or replaced which can cost you money that you may not have accounted for in your plan. But, what if I gave you ten ways that maintenance can help save your hotel from extreme costs?

It is never too late to adjust or implement a maintenance plan especially with the use of a Hotel CMMS.

10 ways hotel maintenance will save you from high costs

  1. Inspection and maintenance of fireplaces, heaters, HVAC, heat pumps and any asset that provides climate control
  2. Find and seal air leaks that cause drafts and make your cooling system work overtime
  3. Install a guestroom energy management system that powers down the cooling system when guests are not present
  4. Implementing a EAM/CMMS will allow for tracking of equipment including, HVAC units, allowing reports to be sent to a staff member who can inspect and process the work order
  5. Check your lighting systems to ensure that you are not over lighting areas of your property
  6. Inspection of water distribution system for contamination, standing water, corrosion
  7. Perform inspections on pool and spa areas as well as during closing hours
  8. Perform preventive pest control during on and off seasons
  9. Trim trees and foliage around facilities and make sure storm drains are clear
  10. Install window film or other shading systems to reduce the level of heat energy entering your building

These ten maintenance steps alone could save you thousands of man hours and expenses within a year that could make any manager fall in love with his new maintenance plan.

Hotels that are currently using a CMMS to track their assets’ performance and longevity are able to eliminate the worry of if they made repairs lately and the paperwork associated with those work orders. Workers time is freed up to make more pertinent decisions on the infrastructure and make adjustments to the facility as needed.

So, this Valentine’s Day, treat your facility to a CMMS; your hotel will thank you.