Asset Management

Asset management is the process of combining management, financial, economic and engineering practices and applying those to physical assets to ensure the best possible ROI for your facility. Transcendent® offers powerful features for adding, viewing, managing, and reporting on assets. Besides the asset details, you can see related documents and contracts as well as maintenance history on every single asset. Allow your assets to reach their full lifespan.

Asset Tree & Grid

Never lose track of an asset again with Transcendent’s hierarchical asset tree. Users can see the progress, point type, and quantity of each asset on the dashboard.

  • View, sort, and grid your assets
  • Run comparison reports
  • View asset analytics

Add an Asset

The first step to knowing all your assets is by adding them to your EAM CMMS.

  • Assign an asset ID
  • Add a description & location
  • Add a serial number & safety note to all assets

Asset Details

Asset details & asset templates provide information on every asset in your facility.

  • Gain details on service contracts, warranties, and replacement intervals
  • Review safety procedures with the click of a button

Setup Wizard

The setup wizard helps facility owners & managers makes sure all their assets are in the system. It also confirms that rules/regulations set by the enterprise are associated with those assets and setup properly.

Change Point Type Wizard

Change point type wizard allows the users to change the point type of specific assets.

Users may log information in error causing work to not be generated properly, but using the wizard allows items to be changed and assigned to work correctly.

Asset Management Blog Posts

Read the latest on how industries across the globe are implementing asset management practices into their facility.

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